Online Payments and Donations

Annual Dues

If you are a member of Willis V. Fentress Masonic Lodge, you may make your dues payment here with either a major credit card or your personal PayPal account. This method of paying your dues is provided as an optional service and will include a small convenience fee that is charged to us to process the payment online. For our current dues ($140.00), the convenience fee is $5.57, so the total transaction amount will be $145.57 for both dues and convenience fee. If you do not wish to pay a convenience fee, you may continue to make your dues payment directly to the Lodge Secretary. Payments should only be done here by those members who are in good standing and do not owe dues prior to 2020. Contact the Lodge Secretary if you need to make other arrangements or have any questions. In the boxes below, select which year's dues you wish to pay, and for whom the dues should be credited.


Donations to the Lodge are always appreciated, and help us improve the building and cover maintenance expenses. You can select to donate to our Building Fund or our General Fund.

Note: By using this secure payment service, Willis V. Fentress Masonic Lodge No. 296 will not see nor maintain any of your credit card or banking information, and will NEVER ask you via any means (email, phone, website, etc) for any of your personal information such as Social Security number, bank, or credit card information. Thank you for using our online payment service and supporting our Lodge.